2nd October 2019


Which day comes after Friday?

All days of the week come after Friday, starting with Saturday. The next day after Friday is Sunday, followed by Monday, then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and another Friday.

Similarly, why does Tuesday come after Monday?

Friday comes after Thursday therefore Friday can't come after Sunday. Thursday comes after Wednesday therefore Thursday can't come after Sunday. Wednesday comes after Tuesday therefore Wednesday can't come after Sunday. Tuesday comes after Monday therefore Tuesday can't come after Sunday.

What is the date of the next Tuesday?

For example, on Monday, October 11 and Wednesday, October 13, “next Tuesday” means October 19. Whereas on Monday, October 18, “next Tuesday” means October 26. “This Tuesday” refers to the Tuesday that comes this week, which on Wednesday would refer to yesterday, and on Monday refers to tomorrow.

What is after Sunday?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After Saturday comes Sunday (Arabic: min sallaf es-sabt lāqā el-?add qiddāmūh‎, lit. ''When Saturday is gone, one will find Sunday''), is a traditional Arab proverb.
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