Which crop is mostly grown in India?

The major crops in India can be divided into four categories viz. Food grains (Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millets and Pulses), Cash Crops (Cotton, Jute, Sugarcane, Tobacco, and Oilseeds), Plantation Crops (Tea, Coffee, Coconut and, Rubber) and Horticulture crops such as Fruits and Vegetables.

What is the main crop of India?

Categories of Crops in India
  • Food Crops (Wheat, Maize, Rice, Millets and Pulses etc.)
  • Cash Crops (Sugarcane, Tobacco, Cotton, Jute and Oilseeds etc.)
  • Plantation Crops (Coffee, Coconut, Tea, and Rubber etc.)
  • Horticulture crops (Fruits and Vegetables)
  • Which country is the largest producer of jute in the world?

    India, China, and Bangladesh are the three major producers in the cultivation or production of jute fiber. India has taken advantage of recent improvements in the cultivation of jute to become the largest producer or cultivator of jute in the world.
  • Which crops are grown in winter season?

    Most can be planted or sown directly outdoors to ensure that your winter vegetable garden is fully stocked.
    • Onions and Shallots. Autumn planting onion sets are easy to grow and will virtually look after themselves over winter.
    • Garlic.
    • Spring Onions.
    • Perpetual Spinach.
    • Broad Beans.
    • Peas.
    • Asparagus.
    • Winter Salads.
  • What are the three types of crops?

    On the basis of seasons, the crops in India have been divided into Rabi, Kharif and Zaid crops.
    • Rabi, Kharif and Zaid Crops in India. Kharif crops. Rabi Crops. Zaid Crop.
    • Food grains. Rice. Wheat: Coarse Cereals / Millets. Pulses.
    • Cash Crops. India's Sugarcane Production. Cotton. Groundnut.
    • Plantation Crops. Tea. Coffee.

Which crop is the largest production in India?

Even so, rice is the most cultivated crop in India. India is the world's second-largest producer of rice, behind China. Rice was cultivated on an area of around 32.5 million hectares during the fiscal year 2002-2003.

What is the most produced crop in the world?

Rice in 2012 was the most valuable agricultural crop in the world. It was second to maize (corn) in the quantity produced of cereal products. This rice field is in Cambodia.

Updated: 21st November 2019

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