26th October 2019


Where is the safest place to hide during a tornado?

Safest Places to Be During a Tornado
  • If you have a cellar, storm shelter, safe room or basement available, go immediately to that area.
  • Get to a windowless interior room, such as a bathroom, closet or inner hallway.
  • Stay as far from windows as possible.
  • Go to the center of the room – corners tend to attract debris.

Similarly, you may ask, what color is the sky when a tornado is coming?

Gallagher measured hailstorms where the dominant wavelength of light was green as well as hailstorms where it was the typical gray-blue color of thunderstorms. Tornado-producing storms proved similarly divorced from any particular sky color, other than dark.

How can you predict a tornado is coming?

Tornado Forecasting. Meteorologists at the NOAA Storm Prediction Center (SPC) issue daily forecasts, or convective outlooks, for organized severe thunderstorms over the U.S. based on current weather observations and forecast models. They also closely monitor areas they think are at a higher risk for tornadoes.

Why is the sky yellow before a storm?

Experts don't agree on why the sky changes color before a tornado or severe thunderstorm. At least two theories suggest what might be the reason for the strange greenish-yellow color that (sometimes) precedes a storm. Theory #1. Because air molecules scatter light.
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