26th November 2019


Where is the original Burger King?

Jacksonville, FL

In respect to this, where is the headquarters of Burger King?

Miami, FL

Why is it called Hungry Jacks not Burger King?

From the Hungry Jack's Wikipedia page: When Burger King moved to expand its operations into Australia, it found that its business name was already trademarked by a takeaway food shop in Adelaide. "Jack" has since been adopted as the name for the Burger King himself in the company's main franchise.

What countries have a Burger King?

CountryYear enteredMaster franchisee
Saudi Arabia1991Olayan Group
Singapore1982Burger King Singapore Pte. Ltd
Sri Lanka2013Softlogic Restaurants Pvt Ltd (a fully owned subsidiary of Softlogic Holdings PLC)
Taiwan1989DaChan Great Wall Group
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