6th October 2019


Where is the nucleolus found in a plant or animal cell?

Nucleolus is found in the nucleus of both plant and animal cells. It is actively involved in the synthesis of ribosomal RNA (rRNA) which is crucial for both plant and animal cells for formation of ribosomes which are involved in synthesis of polypeptides and hence proteins.

Accordingly, where is the nucleolus found in plant or animal?

The nucleus is found in both plant and animal cells. The nucleolus is found in both plants and animals. The cell membrane is found in plant and animal cells. The cytoplasm is only found in plant cells.

What is the nucleolus where is it and what is its function?

The nucleolus makes ribosomal subunits from proteins and ribosomal RNA, also known as rRNA. It then sends the subunits out to the rest of the cell where they combine into complete ribosomes. Ribosomes make proteins; therefore, the nucleolus plays a vital role in making proteins in the cell.
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