2nd October 2019


Where is the family?

The Family is a gang of self-proclaimed vampires that live in Meresti Metro station, east of the settlement of Arefu.

Consequently, where do you find the family in Fallout 3?

You'll find the family in a Metro station under Meresti trainyard, about 3 squares east of Arefu. Evan doesn't have all the info, so he won't send you after the Family directly.

Where do I find Ian West?

All you have to do is find the “The Family” inside the north seneca metro and convince the Vance (the leader) and he will give you the password to the locked door of Ian west. Here is how you locate Ian if you are stuck in the mission. 1. Go to North Seneca Metro underground station.

Where is Lucy West?

Lucy West's house is a house in the settlement of Megaton. It is located east of Megaton's plaza and almost directly above Mister Burke's house.
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