2nd October 2019


Where is the anterior white commissure located?

The anterior white commissure (ventral white commissure) is a bundle of nerve fibers which cross the midline of the spinal cord just anterior (in front of) to the gray commissure (Rexed lamina X).

Keeping this in consideration, what is the function of the posterior commissure?

The posterior commissure (also known as the epithalamic commissure) is a rounded band of white fibers crossing the middle line on the dorsal aspect of the upper end of the cerebral aqueduct. It is important in the bilateral pupillary light reflex.

What is a commissure in the brain?

Commissure. The most common usage of the term refers to the brain's commissures, of which there are five. Such a commissure is a bundle of commissural fibers as a tract that crosses the midline at its level of origin or entry (as opposed to a decussation of fibers that cross obliquely).

What is the function of the fornix in the brain?

The fornix (Latin: arch) is a C-shaped bundle of nerve fibers in the brain that acts as the major output tract of the hippocampus. The fornix also carries some afferent fibres to the hippocampus from structures in the diencephalon and basal forebrain. The fornix is part of the limbic system.
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