2nd October 2019


Where is +44 phone?

Telephone numbers in the United Kingdom
Country calling code+44
International call prefix00
Trunk prefix0
List of United Kingdom dialing codes

People also ask, what is +44 code?

The digit 1 was incorporated into most area codes so that London's 071 code became 0171 (domestically), or changed from +44 71 to +44 171 (as dialed from other countries). A select few areas were assigned new codes due to specific telephone numbering requirements.

What is country code 0044?

“00” is used as an international calling prefix from many European countries. It is the code that is dialed to reach a location outside the country. “44” is the country code for the U.K.. Once the caller is connected to the international dialing system, “44” identifies the United Kingdom in the calling sequence.
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