2nd October 2019


Where does the kangaroo live?

Gray kangaroos like the forests of Australia and Tasmania, on the other hand. The antilopine kangaroo can be found in the monsoonal eucalyptus woodlands of extreme northern Australia. Tree-kangaroos live in the upper branches of trees in the rainforests of Queensland, as well as on the island of New Guinea.

What is the habitat of the red kangaroo?

Red kangaroo habitat. This kangaroo occurs in arid and semi-arid habitats, in areas of less than 500 to 800 mm annual rainfall (1) (3) (5). It may be found in scrubland, grassland, woodland and desert, tending to prefer open grassy plains with scattered trees for shade and shelter (2) (3) (5) (7).

What kind of climate do Kangaroos live in?

Kangaroos are found in Australia and Tasmania, as well as on surrounding islands. Kangaroos live in varied habitats, from forests and woodland areas to grassy plains and savannas.
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