25th November 2019


Where does bologna meat come from?

The bologna sausage is traditionally made from the “odds and ends” of chicken, turkey, beef, or pork. It is similar to the Italian mortadella, which originated in the Italian city of Bologna. The inexpensive deli meat is often pronounced and spelled “baloney.”

Is Bologna meat good for you?

Any one thing (of reasonable size) is often neither particularly healthy or unhealthy. If you only eat bologna sandwiches — that is likely to be unhealthy. That said, processed meats aren't without health concerns and the same can be said for bread, condiments, and everything else.

What is turkey bologna made out of?

Turkey bologna is seasoned, processed, and cured in the same manner as other bologna and has a similar flavor and texture. It is generally sliced and eaten as a snack or appetizer or used as sandwich meat. Turkey bologna is a low-fat alternative to pork or beef bologna.
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