26th November 2019


Where do the chickens live?

Once, there were no chickens. Instead, there were just their wild ancestors – jungle fowl. The untamed descendants of these birds still live in the bamboo forests of what are now India and South-East Asia.

Besides, what is a chicken house called?

A chicken coop or hen house is a small house where, typically, female chickens or other fowl are kept safe and secure. There are nest boxes found inside the hen houses for egg-laying, and perches on which the birds can sleep.

Where do roosters live?

Hen house is another common term. It likely originated in the days when farmers kept a rooster only long enough to produce spring chicks for the next year's flock, then served him up for Sunday dinner. For most of the year, the chicken coop housed hens only; hence: hen house.

What is it called when a chicken lays an egg?

Hens lay eggs on the same schedule as without a rooster present. If the rooster is allowed to mingle with the hens, there is a high likelihood that the eggs will be fertilized. This could result in chicks if the eggs are allowed to incubate (either in the nest under the hen or in an egg incubator).
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