Where do I find my archived orders on Amazon?

It removes them from your default order history view. Archived items will always show up when you search for them. You can also access archived orders by visiting Your Account and selecting View Archived Orders. To restore an archived order to your default order history view, select Unarchive Order.

How do I find my order history on Amazon?

To create an Order History Report:
  1. Go to Order History Reports in Your Account.
  2. Select the report type from drop-down menu, then fill in the start date, end date, and report name.
  3. Click Request Report.
  4. When the report is complete, you'll receive an e-mail notification.
  • How do I check my order on Amazon?

    To track your package:
    1. Go to Your Orders.Your Orders. Your Orders. Note: If you're on an iOS tablet, tap Your Account from the menu.
    2. Go to the order you want to track.
    3. Click Track PackageTrack Item next to your order (if shipped separately). If your package or tracking information is missing, go to:
  • Why is my order pending on Amazon?

    Pending Orders. On the Manage Orders page, an order with a status of Pending might indicate an issue with the buyer's payment method. In some cases, our payment and order detail verification processes can potentially extend order processing times for as long as 21 days. Go to the Manage Orders page to view your orders.
  • How do I check the balance on my Amazon credit card?

    To complete your payment, follow these steps:
    1. If you have not set up an online Chase account yet, go to www.chase.com/amazon.
    2. Scroll down to locate your Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card and click Pay credit card.
    3. Select Statement Balance, Current Balance, Minimum Due, or specify another amount you'd like to pay.

How do I find my digital orders on Amazon?

Open Your Digital Orders (https://www.amazon.com/digitalorders) from your computer's web browser.
  1. Find the accidental order you'd like to cancel.
  2. Select Cancel Items.
  3. Choose a reason for the cancellation from the drop-down menu, and then click Cancel This Purchase.
  • Can you buy digital downloads on Amazon with a gift card?

    You can apply an Amazon.com Gift Card or promotional code to your game, software, or digital course purchase at checkout. If you haven't redeemed your Amazon.com Gift Card or promotion, you can do so on the Order Review page at checkout. From the detail page of the item you'd like to purchase, select Buy Now .
  • How do you buy Amazon Prime movies?

    Open Amazon Video from your computer's web browser, or launch the Amazon Video app on your connected device. Browse featured categories or use Search to find a specific title. Select a title to open its video details. Select Buy or Rent and confirm your purchase.
  • Can you give an Amazon video as a gift?

    Sorry, Charlie. You can't gift instant video. But you can buy a year's worth of Amazon Prime ($99), which includes full access to a library of (mostly older) TV shows and movies, as well as two-day shipping on Amazon orders. You also can't send a game or app for someone else's Fire tablet or TV.

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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