11th December 2019


Where do ferns grow naturally?

Geographically, ferns are most abundant in the tropics. Arctic and Antarctic regions possess few species. On the other hand, a small tropical country such as Costa Rica may have more than 900 species of ferns—about twice as many as are found in all of North America north of Mexico.

People also ask, where do you find ferns?

The stereotypical image of ferns growing in moist shady woodland nooks is far from a complete picture of the habitats where ferns can be found growing. Fern species live in a wide variety of habitats, from remote mountain elevations, to dry desert rock faces, to bodies of water or in open fields.

Is the silver fern native to New Zealand?

Cyathea dealbata, also known as the silver tree-fern or silver fern, or as ponga /ˈp?ŋ?/ or punga /ˈp?ŋ?/ (from Māori kaponga or ponga), is a species of medium-sized tree fern, endemic to New Zealand. It is a symbol commonly associated with the country both overseas and by New Zealanders themselves.

Are ferns native to New Zealand?

This is a list of native New Zealand ferns. These are the true ferns in the Division Pteridophyta that are native to New Zealand. The ferns of Cyathea and Dicksonia are tree ferns that can grow quite high, all the other genus groups are that of ground, climbing or perching ferns.
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