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Where did the Aztec live?

The Mayan people did not disappear and continue to live in Mexico and Central America. The Aztecs were a people who came into the Valley of Mexico in the 12th century and quickly rose to become the dominant power in Mesoamerica. The capital of the Aztecs, Tenochtitlan, was built on Lake Texcoco on raised islands.

Similarly, you may ask, where are the Aztec Indians located?

The Aztecs, who probably originated as a nomadic tribe in northern Mexico, arrived in Mesoamerica around the beginning of the 13th century.

Where are the Aztecs from originally?

The Aztecs were a Pre-Columbian Mesoamerican people of central Mexico in the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries. They called themselves Mexica (pronounced [meˈ?ika?]). The capital of the Aztec empire was Tenochtitlan. During the empire, the city was built on a raised island in Lake Texcoco.

Where is Tenochtitlan located today?

Tenochtitlan was a city-state located on an island in Lake Texcoco in the Valley of Mexico. Founded in 1325, it became the seat of the growing Aztec Empire in the 15th century, until it was captured by the Spanish in 1521. Today the ruins of Tenochtitlan are located in the central part of Mexico City.
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