Where did Captain Cook first land in 1770?

In 1770, Lieutenant (later Captain) James Cook landed at Botany Bay's Inscription Point. He and his Endeavour crew stayed in the area for eight days and had a dramatic impact on Australian history. Located near Silver Beach on the Kurnell Peninsula headland, Cook's landing place is a popular Sydney attraction.

What year did Captain Cook land in Botany Bay?

29 April 1770
  • Why did they call it Botany Bay?

    Botany Bay an inlet of the Tasman Sea in New South Wales, Australia, just south of Sydney, which was the site of Captain James Cook's landing in 1770 and of an early British penal settlement. It was named by Cook after the large variety of plants collected there by his companion, Sir Joseph Banks.
  • When was Australia established as a country?

    Federation. Australia became an independent nation on 1 January 1901 when the British Parliament passed legislation allowing the six Australian colonies to govern in their own right as part of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Commonwealth of Australia was established as a constitutional monarchy.
  • What was James Cook looking for on his first voyage?

    First voyage of James Cook. The first voyage of James Cook was a combined Royal Navy and Royal Society expedition to the south Pacific Ocean aboard HMS Endeavour, from 1768 to 1771. It was the first of three Pacific voyages of which Cook was the commander.

When was Australia first discovered by Captain Cook?


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