12th November 2019


Where can I find my saved drafts on Facebook?

To retrieve your draft and keep working on it, simply click on “see draft” from your timeline, or go to your “activity log.” Then just work on your post as you would normally, save again as draft or decide to schedule, backdate or publish it as you would normally from your timeline. This is a great add-on by Facebook.

Where do you find Instagram drafts?

After adding an effect, filter, caption or location to a photo, simply hit the back arrow at the top left of the screen to make the “Save Draft” or “Discard” screen appear. Once it's saved, you can find your creation under the “Drafts” tab in “Library” by tapping the camera button at the bottom center.

How do I find drafts in message?

Draft messages are saved in your Draft folder until you send them or delete them from the folder. You can enable a preference to automatically save your email as a draft while you are composing the message. You can also click Save Draft while composing to save the message as a draft.
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