Where are voice recordings stored on Android?

whatsappMediaWhatsApp Voice Notes you will find folders in there for recorded voice messages over Whatsapp application. Recordings can be found under: settings/device maintenance/memory or storage. Navigate to the Phone. Then click in the "Voice Recorder" folder.

Where is voice recorder on Samsung s5?

Record and Play File - Voice Recorder - Samsung Galaxy S® 5. From a Home screen, navigate: Apps > Voice Recorder. Tap the Record icon (located at the bottom) to begin recording. When finished, tap the Stop icon (located at the bottom) to discontinue recording and save the file.
  • How do you record a phone call on a Galaxy s5?

    Step 1Install TWCallRecorder. The module that reenables call recording on your Galaxy S5 is called TWCallRecorder, referencing the TouchWiz interface skin installed on Galaxy devices. To get it installed, simply head to the Downloads section of your Xposed Installer app and search it by name.
  • How do I use speech to text on Android?

    To access Voice to Text (also known as Voice Recognition/Text to speech/Voice Input) please follow the steps below.
    1. Open the SwiftKey Keyboard in desired app.
    2. Long press the comma/microphone button to the left of the spacebar and speak the desired words in the phone.
  • How do I get the microphone back on my Samsung keyboard?

    Re: Galaxy S6 voice to text feature missing from keyboard after update. The microphone is still through there, but hidden. You need to tap and hold the icon to the right of the Sym tab. A window will open with more options, including the microphone.

Updated: 7th December 2019

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