18th November 2019


Where are chromosomes located in a prokaryotic cell?

In contrast to eukaryotes, the DNA in prokaryotic cells is generally present in a single circular chromosome that is located in the cytoplasm. (Recall that prokaryotic cells do not possess a nucleus.)

Subsequently, one may also ask, where are the chromosomes in a prokaryotic cell?

Prokaryotic cells (bacteria) contain their chromosome as circular DNA. Usually the entire genome is a single circle, but often there are extra circles called plasmids. The DNA is packaged by DNA-binding proteins.

Where are the chromosomes located in the eukaryotic cell?

In contrast, in eukaryotes, all of the cell's chromosomes are stored inside a structure called the nucleus. Each eukaryotic chromosome is composed of DNA coiled and condensed around nuclear proteins called histones.

Where is the chromosome of a bacterium found?

In eukaryotic cells, like your own cells, the chromosomes are contained within a membrane called the nucleus. Bacteria are considered prokaryotes, or cells that lack a nucleus. In bacteria, the chromosome is not enclosed by a membrane but is instead located in the nucleoid.
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