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When was the last time a change was made to the Constitution?

Other than the Bill of Rights, only 17 amendments have been ratified in 221 years. The last one that passed was in 1992, when the 27th Amendment required that any change in congressional salaries take effect only after the beginning of a new term.

Similarly one may ask, when was the last time a constitutional amendment was added?

The 27th Amendment was first proposed on September 25th, 1789.
Date Passed.
The 27th Amendment was passed May 7th, 1992.

When was the last time an amendment was ratified?

AMENDMENT XXVII. Originally proposed Sept. 25, 1789. Ratified May 7, 1992. No law, varying the compensation for the services of the Senators and Representatives, shall take effect, until an election of Representatives shall have intervened.

What was the purpose of the most recent amendment to the Constitution?

The Twenty-seventh Amendment (Amendment XXVII) to the United States Constitution prohibits any law that increases or decreases the salary of members of Congress from taking effect until the start of the next set of terms of office for Representatives.
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