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When was France founded and by whom?

no official date of independence: 486 (Frankish tribes unified under Merovingian kingship); 10 August 843 (Western Francia established from the division of the Carolingian Empire); 14 July 1789 (French monarchy overthrown); 22 September 1792 (First French Republic founded); 4 October 1958 (Fifth French Republic

Then, who discovered Paris France?

In 52 BC, a Roman army led by Titus Labienus defeated the Parisii and established a Gallo-Roman garrison town called Lutetia. The town was Christianised in the 3rd century AD, and after the collapse of the Roman Empire, it was occupied by Clovis I, the King of the Franks, who made it his capital in 508.

Who named France?

The word France is derived from the Latin word Francia. It means land of the Franks or Frank land. After the fall of the Roman Empire, a lot of different barbarian tribes fought over Gaul (ancient name of France), the ones that wiped all the other out were the Franks, a Germanic tribe and their king Clovis.

What year was France established?

French Republic République française (French)
• Francia unified486
• Treaty of VerdunAugust 843
• Republic established22 September 1792
• Founded the EEC1 January 1958
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