4th September 2018


When did Villanova win the national championship?

Named the "Wildcats", Villanova is also a member of the Philadelphia Big Five, a rivalry of Philadelphia college basketball teams. The Wildcats have won the National Championship three times: 1985, 2016, and 2018. Their 1985 NCAA championship as an 8 seed still stands as the lowest seed ever to win the title.

So, who played in last year's national championship?

College Football Playoff National Championship Game
2016January 9, 20172 Clemson Tigers
2015January 11, 20162 Alabama Crimson Tide
2014January 12, 20154 Ohio State

Who won the national championship in basketball last year?

Here are the programs which have won the NCAA men's basketball championship:
YearChampion (Record)Score
2017North Carolina (33-7)71-65
2016Villanova (35-5)77-74
2015Duke (35-4)68-63
2014Connecticut (32-8)60-54

Who won the Final Four in 2017?

2017 NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament
Runner-upGonzaga Bulldogs (1st title game, 1st Final Four)
SemifinalistsOregon Ducks (2nd Final Four) South Carolina Gamecocks (1st Final Four)
Winning coachRoy Williams (3rd title)
MOPJoel Berry II (North Carolina)
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