2nd October 2019


When did they discover DNA?


Just so, who actually discovered DNA?

It's commonly believed that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix shape of DNA. But in fact, they based their work on one of their colleagues at King's College in London - Rosalind Franklin, an x-ray diffraction expert whose images of DNA proteins in the early 1950s revealed a helix shape.

Who was the founder of DNA?

In the early 1950s two scientists, Rosalind Franklin and Maurice Wilkins, studied DNA using x-rays. Franklin produced an x-ray photograph that allowed two other researchers, James Watson and Francis Crick to work out the 3D structure of DNA. The structure of DNA was found to be a double helix.

Who is the inventor of DNA?

Hershey-Chase experiment shows that DNA is the genetic material of the T2 phage. Rosalind Franklin & Raymond Gosling produce single X-ray diffraction image. James Watson & Francis Crick suggest the first correct double-helix model of DNA structure.
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