When did they discontinue Mercury?

Ford Motor Company's (NYSE:F) June 2, 2010 announcement about its decision to discontinue the Mercury brand is the latest in a series of brand terminations.

Who is the inventor of the Mercury car?

Edsel Ford
  • When did they stop making Pontiac?

    April 27, 2009.
    So, Pontiac is dead. GM pulled the plug this morning and vehicles will stop hitting showrooms by 2010. It's no mystery why it failed.
  • When did GM buy Cadillac?

    On July 29, 1909, the newly formed General Motors Corporation (GM) acquires the country's leading luxury automaker, the Cadillac Automobile Company, for $4.5 million.
  • What is the luxury brand of Hyundai?

    Genesis Motors is the luxury vehicle division of the South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai Motor Group. Initially envisioned along with the plan for Hyundai's new luxury sedan Hyundai Genesis in 2004, the Genesis brand was officially announced as a standalone marque on 4 November 2015.

Who owns the Mercury car company?

Sprint Corporation
  • Is Ford American?

    The Ford Motor Company (commonly referred to simply as "Ford") is an American multinational automaker headquartered in Dearborn, Michigan, a suburb of Detroit. It was founded by Henry Ford and incorporated on June 16, 1903.
  • Are Buicks still made?

    Buick (/ˈbjuː?k/), formally the Buick Motor Division, is an upscale automobile brand of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM). The main market is in China, where 80% of Buick-branded automobiles are sold. Buicks are also sold in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.
  • Is Chevy made in America?

    Chevrolet (/ˌ??vr?ˈle?/ SHEV-r?-LAY), colloquially referred to as Chevy and formally the Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM). Chevrolet vehicles will continue to be marketed in the CIS states, including Russia.

What was the first year for Mercury?

  • Who makes the car Lincoln?

  • How much was the first car sold for?

    Assembly-line production allowed the price of the touring car version to be lowered from $850 in 1908 to less than $300 in 1925. At such prices the Model T at times comprised as much as 40 percent of all cars sold in the United States.
  • How much was the first car Karl Benz?

    On this day in 1886 Karl Benz patented the first internal combustion engine on a motor car. The engine had been in development throughout 1885, and the first ever motor car was available for sale by mid-1886 for $1,000 (just under $24,500 at 2014 prices).

Updated: 26th November 2019

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