2nd October 2019


When did the British take over India and when did they leave?

The Hindu Congress agreed with him. Mountbatten became convinced that any delay would increase violence and he pushed forward the date for Britain leaving India to August 1947. In August 1947, the Indian Independence Act was signed.

Also to know is, how many years did Mughal rule in India?

This dynasty was resumed by Akbar after second was of Panipat where he defeat last Hindu King of Delhi Hemu Vikarmaditya and lasted till 1857 when Last Mughal Emperor Zafar was de-throne by East India Company. So overall they ruled India for approx 317 years.

How many years was the US under British rule?

Well, “America” as a whole was a series of separated colonies with different founding dates. The oldest (Virginia) was founded in 1607 and the united colonies which became the United States declared independence in 1776, but really didn't achieve it until 1783. So I would say about 170 years, give or take.
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