3rd October 2019


When did Moseley arrange the periodic table?

Using atomic number instead of atomic mass as the organizing principle was first proposed by the British chemist Henry Moseley in 1913, and it solved anomalies like this one. Iodine has a higher atomic number than tellurium - so, even though he didn't know why, Mendeleev was right to place it after tellurium after all!

How did Moseley determine the atomic number?

Today, we know that the atomic number gives the number of protons (positive charges) in the nucleus. This was the discovery made by Henry Gwyn-Jefferies Moseley. He found that certain lines in the X-ray spectrum of each element moved the same amount each time you increased the atomic number by one.

How did Moseley arrange the elements on the periodic table?

When Moseley arranged the elements in the periodic table by their number of protons rather than their atomic weights, the flaws in the periodic table that had been making scientists uncomfortable for decades simply disappeared.
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