2nd October 2019


When did Claude McKay come to America?

“America” by Claude McKay, 1921.

Subsequently, one may also ask, why is Claude McKay important to the Harlem Renaissance?

Claude McKay was a famous poet during the Harlem Renaissance. As such, he influenced later poets, including Langston Hughes. He paved the way for black poets to discuss the conditions and racism that they faced in their poems.

When was if we must die written?

If We Must Die. "If We Must Die" is a 1919 poem by Claude McKay published in the July issue of The Liberator.

What is Countee Cullen known for?

Countee Cullen was born on May 30, 1903, and was recognized as an award-winning poet by his high school years. He published his acclaimed debut volume of poetry, Color, in 1925, which would be followed by Copper Sun and The Ballad of the Brown Girl.
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