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What year was Romeo and Juliet?


Also question is, what year was the setting of Romeo and Juliet?

"Well, we don't really know for certain when "Romeo and Juliet" is set, or when it was written either. Scholars currently think that the play might plausibly be dated to 1595. We know too that it can't be any later than 1596, or any earlier than 1591.

What time of year is it in Romeo and Juliet?

We know the month/season specifically. It took place in the summer, in the month of July. (In Scene III, it is mentioned that it is a fortnight and odd days away from Juliet's birthday which falls on "Lammas-eve" and that is believed to be in August or late July. A fortnight is two weeks.)

What is the setting of the play of Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo and Juliet is set in Verona, Italy in the 1300s, though it was written in the 1500s. Shakespeare's Verona is not a fleshed out place as a real-life, physical city, but rather as a convenient backdrop for a crazy story line.
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