21st October 2019


What will happen if we give DC supply to inductor?

The current through it will depend on the resistance of inductor. Inductor is designed to use on AC only. If a high voltage DC is given to inductor, most probably it will damage it depending on the other devices in the circuit.Inductor will turn into an electromagnetic coil.

People also ask, what are the factors that affect inductance?

Factors Affecting Coil Inductance There are several physical factors which affect the inductance of a coil. They include the number of turns in the coil, the diameter of the coil, the coil length, the type of material used in the core, and the number of layers of winding in the coils.

Why does inductance increase with iron core?

Iron or ferrite (a compound of iron and oxygen) increase inductance because the atoms act like little magnets. There is a secondary effect - a changing magnetic field induces a current in conductive materials. This current causes a reverse magnetic field that repels the applied changing magnetic field.
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