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What was the job of a farmer in ancient Egypt?

Farmers lived in towns too, along with craftworkers, traders and other workers and their families. Egyptians grew crops such as wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates and vines. They also grew flax which was made into linen.

So, what were the responsibilities for farmers and herders in ancient Egypt?

Crops could easily be grown in this black, rich soil. The ancient Egyptians called this soil the "The Gift of the Nile". The Growing Season: Farmers planted wheat, barley, vegetables, figs, melons, pomegranates, corn, and flax (which they used to make into linen.)

What jobs did peasants do in ancient Egypt?

Peasants, in Ancient Egypt, were the lowest class. They are made up the lowest level of the social structure or the social pyramid. Peasants could be were farmers, construction workers, or unskilled laborers. Peasants lived with the fewest comforts possible in Ancient Egypt.

What did the farmers in ancient Egypt wear?

When they were six years old they began to wear clothes that would protect them from the intense dry heat. Men of the working classes wore a loincloth or short kilt and sometimes a type of shirt. Women wore straight dresses with one or two shoulder straps. Why did the Ancient Egyptians wear make-up and jewellery?
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