21st October 2019


What was life like for a soldier in ancient Egypt?

The soldiers of Ancient Egypt were there to protect the rest of the society. This was important because Egypt was attacked by other nations. The Ancient Egyptian soldiers needed to keep in shape, so as part of their daily routine they made weapons and did physical training.

Beside this, what did the soldiers wear in ancient Egypt?

After they defeated the Hyksos, Egyptians learned about more advanced weapons, such as metal daggers, swords and spears. Egyptians also used light, fast, horse-drawn chariots. The chariot driver wore a leather or bronze helmet and armor, and was accompanied by another soldier armed with a bow, arrows and javelins.

What did ancient Egyptian soldiers do in their free time?

They spent their free time training for war. The Noblemen of Ancient Egypt were men who helped the Pharaoh run the country. Ancient Egyptian Priests were very important. They had to be pure to do this, they wore white linen robes and sandals.

What weapons did they use in ancient Egypt?

Weapons. The Old Kingdom had soldiers equipped with a great variety of weapons: shields, spears, cudgels, maces, daggers, bows and arrows. Quivers and battle axes came into use before the second Intermediary Period, which was a time of revolution in the Egyptian martial arts.
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