6th December 2019


What was Galileo's greatest achievement?

Galileo Galilei was a Italian physicist, mathematician, astronomer, and philosopher who played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. His achievements include improvements to the telescope and consequent astronomical observations, and support for Copernicanism.

Similarly, what did Copernicus accomplish?

Nicolaus Copernicus was a Polish astronomer who put forth the theory that the Sun is at rest near the center of the Universe, and that the Earth, spinning on its axis once daily, revolves annually around the Sun. This is called the heliocentric, or Sun-centered, system.

What are the accomplishments of Nicolaus Copernicus?

Nicholaus Copernicus (1473-1543) was a mathematician and astronomer during a time of artistic and scientific innovation called the Renaissance. His model of the universe as revolving around the sun, called the heliocentric theory, challenged the existing view of Earth as the center of the universe.
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