What was established by the Treaty of Tordesillas in 1494?

The Treaty of Tordesillas re-established the line 370 leagues (1,770 km) west of the Cape Verde Islands. It was evident that little exploration had taken place at the time the treaty was signed because Spain was granted a much larger portion of land. Portugal was only given possession of Brazil.

Who made the Treaty of Tordesillas?

Treaty of Tordesillas. Treaty of Tordesillas, (June 7, 1494), agreement between Spain and Portugal aimed at settling conflicts over lands newly discovered or explored by Christopher Columbus and other late 15th-century voyagers.
  • What treaty was signed at the end of the French and Indian War?

    The Treaty of Paris of 1763 ended the French and Indian War/Seven Years' War between Great Britain and France, as well as their respective allies. In the terms of the treaty, France gave up all its territories in mainland North America, effectively ending any foreign military threat to the British colonies there.
  • What was happening in the world in 1814?

    Despite its name, the War of 1812, at least in America, was barely fought in that year. Events in 1813 weren't that noteworthy either. But in the late summer of 1814, the most famous events of the war, apart from the legendary Battle of New Orleans, occurred in a condensed period of just a few short weeks.
  • What presidents died on the 4th of July?

    And one last fact: Three of the first five U.S. presidents died on July 4. John Adams and Thomas Jefferson died in 1826, the 50th anniversary of the country's birth. Adams' last words were “Thomas Jefferson still survives.” James Monroe, the fifth president, died five years later in 1831.

Updated: 27th September 2018

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