2nd October 2019


What volcano caused the Little Ice Age?

Volcano eruption of Krakatau, Indonesia. Volcanic eruptions in the 13th and 15th centuries appear to have triggered the Little Ice Age. A mysterious, centuries-long cool spell, dubbed the Little Ice Age, appears to have been caused by a series of volcanic eruptions and sustained by sea ice, a new study indicates.

Besides, what are the causes of the Little Ice Age?

The Little Ice Age was caused by the cooling effect of massive volcanic eruptions, and sustained by changes in Arctic ice cover, scientists conclude. An international research team studied ancient plants from Iceland and Canada, and sediments carried by glaciers.

Why is the little ice age important?

In the 19th century, at the same time as the rise of the Industrial Revolution. We're now at or exceeding temperatures of the Medieval Warm Period that existed right before the Little Ice Age. This work is extremely important, of course, because it has a direct impact on understanding the Earth's climate.
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