What vents to close in winter?

In the winter, open the bottom registers and close the top. In summer, close the bottom and open the top registers. This draws cool air off the floor when it's cold and warm air off the ceiling when it's hot.

Is it good to close vents in unused rooms?

Despite that logic, it's actually a common misconception that closing vents in unused rooms saves energy. In fact, it can actually waste more energy than operating your system normally does. The added pressure from closing a vent can cause air leaks in your system, causing long-term and unnecessary energy waste.
  • How do you open the vent on a fireplace?

    1. Prepare your fire in the fireplace by placing two dry, seasoned logs onto the grate.
    2. Open the fireplace vent at the top of the firebox.
    3. Close all your windows and doors.
    4. Light the paper under the grate, using a fireplace match.
    5. Let the flames die and the coals cool completely before closing the vent.
  • How does a vent free gas fireplace work?

    Ventless fireplaces fueled by gas or propane rely on indoor air for combustion, and they exhaust a low level of their combustion gases into the room in which they're located. A chimney or flue isn't necessary. In fact, ventless fireplaces generally are just for aesthetics and supplemental space heating.
  • How much does it cost to install a direct vent gas fireplace?

    #2 Installation Doubles the Cost of a Gas Fireplace. A fireplace unit that burns natural gas or propane runs about $2,000 for the basic materials package. Installation and finishing typically add $2,500. Cost saver tip: Switch to a simpler surround and mantle, and get a direct-vent fireplace so you don't need a chimney

Updated: 2nd October 2019

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