6th October 2019


What type of cells are in mitosis?

What types of cells and organisms undergo mitosis and meiosis. Mitiosis undergo cells and organisms that can reproduce asexually and create indentical copies of their DNA. Meiosis uses organisms that rely on sexual reproduction however the process of mitosis is still needed for growth.

Keeping this in consideration, which cells undergo meiosis?

The organism's diploid germ-line stem cells undergo meiosis to create haploid gametes (the spermatozoa for males and ova for females), which fertilize to form the zygote. The diploid zygote undergoes repeated cellular division by mitosis to grow into the organism.

Is meiosis or mitosis first?

Because gametes need to have half the number of chromosomes as normal cells, cells divide twice in meiotic reproduction. This means that each phase one might find in mitosis is found twice in meiosis: First, the DNA replicates, just like it does in mitosis.

Is there cell division in somatic cells?

Mitosis Cell Division. Mitosis is how somatic—or non-reproductive cellsdivide. Diploid cells have two complete sets of chromosomes. Since the daughter cells have exact copies of their parent cell's DNA, no genetic diversity is created through mitosis in normal healthy cells.
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