What time of the year do tadpoles hatch?


Updated: 6th December 2019

From day one the small black dot in the middle of egg starts to grow, gradually becoming recognisable as a tadpole. The eggs will usually hatch within a month of being laid, so you can expect to see newly hatched tadpoles towards the end of April or early May.

Considering this, how do tadpoles live during the winter?

Tadpoles/larvae usually develop into young amphibians and leave the pond during the summer months, but occasionally you might still see them in the pond throughout autumn and winter. These 'overwintering' tadpoles complete their development the following spring (if they survive the winter weather).

What do tadpoles need to live?

Suitable container (fish bowl, aquarium, large canning jars with no lids, etc.) Food for the tadpoles (Romaine lettuce, spinach, flake fish food, etc. You can also buy premade tadpole food at your pet store.) Things for them to hang off of (grass, leaves, etc.)
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