2nd October 2019


What time is the late afternoon?

Afternoon usually refers to any time between 12:00 and sunset. Evening is the time from when it starts to get dark, till it is clearly night time. ( the actual time would depend on where you live) Midnight is 12 pm it is an exact time. If you say late - it means towards the end of the time bracket.

Similarly, you may ask, what is the definition of mid morning?

Definition of midmorning. : the middle of the period from sunrise to noon or from rising to noon or from the beginning of the ordinary time of daily activities to noon.

What is mid evening?

Night 9 pm to 4 by mid evening meaning, definition, english dictionary, synonym, see also each day between the end of afternoon and time when you go bedfurthermore, there is no standard set times that are universally for example, we eat breakfast in morning dinner daytime night or sunset bedtime.

What is considered to be early afternoon?

Terminology. Afternoon is the time occurring between noon and evening. The specific range of time this encompasses varies in one direction: noon is currently defined as a constant 12:00 pm, but when afternoon ends is dependent on when evening begins, for which there is no standard definition.
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