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What temperature does water boil at below sea level?

At another extreme, in Death Valley, Calif. – the lowest point in the U.S., at 282 feet below sea level – water boils at slightly above 212 degrees. The lower atmospheric pressures at high elevations affect cooking and baking, too, which is why many recipes and mixes come with special “high altitude” directions.

Also asked, what is the boiling point of water in high altitude?

At sea level, water boils at 212 °F. With each 500-feet increase in elevation, the boiling point of water is lowered by just under 1 °F. At 7,500 feet, for example, water boils at about 198 °F. Because water boils at a lower temperature at higher elevations, foods that are prepared by boiling or simmering will cook at

Why is it hard to boil water in high altitude?

At higher altitudes, air pressure is lower. When atmospheric pressure is lower, such as at a higher altitude, it takes less energy to bring water to the boiling point. Less energy means less heat, which means water will boil at a lower temperature at a higher altitude.

How does altitude affect the melting point of water?

As the atmospheric pressure decreases, the boiling point of a liquid decreases since it takes less pressure for the molecules to leave the liquid. So the result is that at high altitude, the boiling point is lower than at sea level. Decreasing pressure also increases the freezing point, only not by very much.
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