2nd October 2019


What state grows the most peaches in the United States?

Domestically, California is the largest producer of peaches, with 713,000 tons produced in 2012. That same year South Carolina produced 95,000 tons and Georgia 36,000 tons. During the 2011-2012 season the United States production of the peach was also down because of hail storms and freezing spring temperatures.

Just so, what country are peaches grown in?

Italy came in second producing 1.4 million tons followed by Spain with 1.3 million tons. The US produced 1.0 million tons with its largest producing states being Georgia, California, and South Carolina. Greece was the fifth largest peach producing country in the world producing 0.7 million tons.

Where does the peach come from?


What state is known for peaches?

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