29th June 2020


What starts with flu?

6-letter words that start with flu
  • fluent.
  • flurry.
  • fluffy.
  • flunky.
  • flunks.
  • flumps.
  • fluish.
  • flumed.

Words that start with flu - The Free Dictionary

www.thefreedictionary.com › words-that-start-with-flu
www.thefreedictionary.com › words-that-start-with-flu
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Considering this, is Fluish a word?

The definition of fluish is showing signs of the flu. An example of a fluish person is someone with chills, aches and pains and a runny nose. "Fluish." YourDictionary.

Additionally, what words end with ous?

13-letter words that end in ous
  • heterogeneous.
  • miscellaneous.
  • instantaneous.
  • conscientious.
  • superstitious.
  • discontinuous.
  • unpretentious.
  • inconspicuous.

What word ends with Able?

likeable; peaceable; debatable; pleasurable; adaptable; inimitable; capable; adorable; desirable; justifiable; preferable; disposable; knowledgeable; amiable; durable; laughable; fashionable; reliable; excitable; lovable; believable; excusable; manageable; serviceable; measurable; sizeable; noticeable; suitable;
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