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What size soccer goal should I buy?

For U6 and U8 players, use a 6' x 18' goal (or smaller). U10 and U12 players should use goals that measure 6' x 18'. The standard size for a goal is 8' x 24', This is also the recommended size for U14 players and older.

Also, how big is a professional soccer goal?

The goal posts, which shall be superimposed on goal lines of the same width and depth, shall consist of two posts, equidistant from the corner flags and 8 yards (7.32 m) apart (inside measurement), joined by a horizontal crossbar of similar material, the lower edge of which shall be 8 feet (2.44 m) from the ground.

What size is a high school soccer goal?

Soccer Goal Size Recommendations
Age Group:Common Soccer Goal Sizes:
U5, U6, U7, U84'h x 6'w up to 6'h x 12'w
U9, U10, U11, U126'h x 18'w up to 7'h x 21'w
U13 thru Adults8'h x 24'w
NFSHA (High School)Minimum of 4" x 2" goalpost on a 8' x 24' goal.

How high is the football goal post?

Goal Dimensions. The football goal crossbar is 10 feet high, and the posts are an additional 20 feet high, for a total height of 30 feet. NFL and NCAA goal posts are 18 feet, 6 inches wide. High school goal posts are 23 feet, 4 inches wide.
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