25th November 2019


What size needle is used for Rocephin injection?

Draw up the diluted product in a 2 ml syringe. 5. Discard the needle used to draw up the medication and attach 1.5 inch 21 gauge needle to syringe. Dorso or ventrogluteal muscle is recommended for administration.

What is intramuscular ceftriaxone?

patients with a variety of serious but stable infections. Cure was achieved in 30 of the patients. When lidocaine was used for reconstitution of ceftriaxone, the intramuscular route was well tolerated by all patients. Home parenteral antibiotic therapy is gaining increasing. acceptance in the medical community.

Do Rocephin shots hurt?

Vaccinations save lives and sometimes we must give an injection of an antibiotic. Either way, shots (usually) hurt and kids know it. An injectible antibiotic that we often use is called Rocephin (Ceftriaxone sodium). This one can really hurt and sting, unless it is mixed with lidocaine, an anesthetic agent.
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