3rd December 2019


What size drill bit to use for #10 wood screw?

Drill bit sizes for pre-drilling (most commonly used sizes in bold)
Screw SizePilot hole size for hardwoods*Pilot hole size for softwood**

In this manner, what size is a #10 screw?

US Machine Screw Diameters
SizeThread Diameter
DecimalNearest Fractional

What size drill bit do I need for a number 10 screw?

Wood Screw Pilot Hole Sizes
Screw SizeHard Wood
Tapered BitStraight Bit

What size hole to drill for a #10 sheet metal screw?

Your pilot-hole drill-bit size will depend on the size of your sheet-metal screw. A size-4 screw should have a pilot-hole drill size of 3/32 inches; size 6, 7/64 inches; size 8, 1/8 inches; size 10, 9/64 inches; size 12, 5/32 inches; size 14-1/4 inches, 3/16 inches; and 5/16 inches, 1/4 inches.
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