28th November 2019


What should you do before entering your vehicle?

Check fluids in the car periodically. Check the oil weekly. Check the brake and power steering fluids and engine coolant transmission fluids monthly or before a long trip to be sure they are full. Check fluids when the engine is cold.

Also asked, what needs to be checked before a long drive?

  1. Check the fluids in your car.
  2. Check your air pressure.
  3. Get the oil changed before you leave if it's almost time for a change.
  4. Check your tire wear by using a penny or tread gauge.
  5. Check your car's air filter.
  6. Wash your car.
  7. Check to be certain that all lights and signals are functional on your car.

What maneuvers do you do in a driving test?

Essential Driving Test Manoeuvres
  • Controlled Stop Exercise (Emergency Stop)
  • Mirrors, Signal, Position, Speed, Look (MSPSL) Routine.
  • Turning Right at a Crossroads.
  • Turn in the Road (Three Point Turn)
  • Parallel Parking (Reverse Parking)
  • Bay Parking (Left and Right)
  • Reverse Around A Corner.

What are the bumper requirements?

Maximum bumper heights are determined by vehicle class and the GVWR. As such, the maximum heights are: Passenger cars, front: 22 inches; rear: 22 inches. Trucks and multipurpose vehicles, front: 24 inches; rear: 26 inches.
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