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What's another word for sub?

submarine, pigboat, sub, U-boat(verb) a submersible warship usually armed with torpedoes. Synonyms: wedge, zep, poor boy, hoagie, bomber, submarine, grinder, hero sandwich, hoagy, submarine sandwich, hero, pigboat, torpedo. substitute, sub, stand in, fill in(verb)

Hereof, what is the antonym of sub?

Well, there is no defined prefix or word to be an opposite of "sub". However, the higher level for "subcategories" is simply categories and the lower level is sub-subcategories and to go a third level down is sub-sub-subcategories and so on.

Also Know, what does sub mean in chemistry?

Definition for sub (3 of 4)
Chemistry. a prefix indicating a basic compound: subacetate; subcarbonate; subnitrate. a prefix indicating that the element is present in a relatively small proportion, i.e., in a low oxidation state: subchloride; suboxide.

What is the opposite of subhuman?

subhuman(adj) less than human or not worthy of a human being. "treated natives as subhuman"; "a subhuman spectacle"; "the subhuman primates" Antonyms: divine, herculean, godlike, powerful, superhuman, fit.

What does sub a number mean?

Subscript. A small letter or number placed slightly lower than the normal text. Examples: • the number 1 here: A1 (pronounced "A sub 1" or just "A 1") • the letter m here: xm (pronounced "x sub m" or just "x m")
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