What plug adapter do I need in Italy?

Plug Adapters. Plug adapters are the interfaces between the American flat-pronged plug and Italy's two (or three) round-prong socket. These allow you to plug your electrical device into the Italian wall socket, but they do not convert the electricity to the American 110 volts.

Do you need a plug adapter for Germany?

Most modern German electrical outlets (sockets) are recessed into the wall. If your computer, shaver, video camera, iron, or what-have-you is a multi-voltage model (and most newer ones are), all you'll need for Europe are plug adapters. If not, you'll also need to buy a voltage transformer or converter.
  • Do France and Spain use the same electrical plugs?

    Spain and France use the same kind of power outlets, so you need just one plug adaptor. Any low-power device (chargers, laptops, etc) will work off any voltage and so do not need a transformer. Look at them to see if they have wording similar to the Lenovo.
  • What is the voltage in the US?

    In the United States of America the standard voltage is 120 V and the frequency is 60 Hz. You can use your electric appliances in the United States of America, if the standard voltage in your country is in between 110 - 127 V (as is in the US, Canada and most South American countries).
  • Is Germany 110 or 220?

    American appliances run on 110 volts, while European appliances are 220 volts. Today's gadgets are "dual voltage," which means they work on both American and European current. If you see a range of voltages printed on the item or its plug (such as "110220"), you're OK in Europe.

What plugs do they use in Europe?

Europe's electrical system is different from ours in two ways: the voltage of the current and the shape of the plug. American appliances run on 110 volts, while European appliances are 220 volts.
  • What is a US plug?

    The Type A electrical plug (or flat blade attachment plug) is an ungrounded plug with two flat parallel pins. As a result, Japanese plugs can be used in the US but often not the other way around.
  • How many amps is a 220 volt outlet?

    220 volts 20 amps. This is a 220v 20 amp outlet as shown in the how to 220-volt outlet video likely to be used this for larger power tools in your garage or shop or perhaps a wall air conditioner.
  • Can you use a European adapter in Switzerland?

    The answer is to find a Europlug adaptor. The Europlug, also known as the type C plug, is compatible with all continental European outlets (types E, F, J, K and L). If you have devices that use the Europlug, you can already plug them into Swiss sockets with no problem at all.

Updated: 21st October 2018

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