6th October 2019


What makeup to use to cover up acne?

Pick the right primer for your skin. Use oil-free primer to keep your makeup in place. It can be especially difficult to keep concealer on an inflamed zit, but a dab of primer does the trick. Lightweight primers are less likely to irritate acne and are easier on oily skin.

Correspondingly, what concealer to use for acne?

Ideally, you need both concealer and a feather brush to apply it. Green cancels the red in pimples, but yellow, brown, or dark brown concealer can also cover up pimples, and you can use the concealer skin problems other than acne, such as circles under the eyes. A light touch is essential in applying concealer.

What color concealer should I use for scars?

A normal concealer will be a shade or two lighter than your skin or a shade or two darker than your skin tone if it is being used to contour/highlight your face our to just conceal marks on the face. Corrective concealers come in the colors green, orange/peach, white, yellow, pink and purple.
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