6th October 2019


What led to absolutism?

Causes of the Age of Absolutism 1. Decline of feudalism in the Middle Ages ? As the feudal lords lost power, the kings gained it. Ways that the monarchs increased power 3. They also tried to influence or control the church .

What is the concept of absolutism?

Definition of absolutism. 1 a : a political theory that absolute power should be vested in one or more rulers. b : government by an absolute ruler or authority : despotism. 2 : advocacy of a rule by absolute standards or principles. 3 : an absolute standard or principle.

What is the importance of absolutism?

This meant that the ruler was the supreme authority and thus ruled by "divine right." Significance: Absolutism was significant because it was an important component of 17th Century Europe, especially during Louis XIV's reign as absolute monarch of France.
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