29th August 2018


What kind of tree has peeling bark?

Trees that naturally shed bark in large chunks and peeling sheets include: Silver maple. Birch. Sycamore.

Similarly one may ask, what trees have smooth white bark?

  • Birches. White Birch, Betula papyrifera.
  • European Birch, Betula pendula.
  • Birch Cultivars.
  • American Aspen Populus tremuloides.
  • European (or Eurasian) Poplar Populus tremula.
  • Whitebark Pine Pinus albicaulis.

Why is tree bark white?

Paper birch trees appear white to us because they reflect most of the sun's rays. This is key: dark trees absorb light, white trees reflect it. It turns out that the high reflectivity of paper birch bark may be related to the transcontinental distribution of the species that so excites ecologists.

What is the white tree called?

It is sometimes called the Canoe Birch because, in former times, the bark was used by Native Americans to create canoes. The 'papyrifera' part of its Latin name means 'paper.' It was named this way because, often, the bark peels off in thin papery layers. Yet another name for this tree is the 'Paper Birch.'
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