6th December 2019


What kind of tea is PG Tips?

PG Tips uses only the highest quality and most flavorful top two leaves and bud off the tea plant. PG Tips flavorful black tea is harvested from the finest tips of tea plants grown in Ceylon and Kenya, providing you a quality tea with exceptional taste.

Simply so, how much caffeine is in PG Tips tea bag?

What's more, our tea leaves are 100% natural and sustainably sourced. So, PG tips tastes good and it also helps the planet. Again, good news. One average cuppa contains just 40mg of caffeine – 35mg fewer than a cup of instant coffee, and 60-75mg fewer than that of filter coffee.

What is the name of the PG Tips monkey?

Monkey (also known as The Monkey, ITV Digital Monkey or PG Tips Monkey, and often pronounced /'muŋkε/ in imitation of Johnny Vegas' Lancashire accent), is an animated puppet advertising character in the form of a knitted sock monkey.

What does the abbreviation PG mean?

Parental Guidance
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